Support / FAQ

Support / FAQ

How do I install ?

There is no need of installation. You can operate on any computer having internet connection, a valid USERID and Password provided by us.

Can I install it on multiple computers ?

There is no need of installation, if you are online software user. You can use it on any computer from any where any time having internet connection. Just Open Provided URL and Put USERID and Password.

What to do when any error occur ?

On Every page there is a feedback link. Use this link to report your error or any problem. we will handle it as soon as possible.

How do I update the software ?

You do not need to any thing to get update. it will automatically updated from our end time to time.

How can i use Online Software on personalized Domain ?

Just contact admin or write us to get configuration detail, if you have domain with some other vender, Otherwise we will book domain for you and configure for the same.

What is procedure to Purchase ?

Just write us or contact over phone to get details, you can pay to us by online account transfer or NEFT to our bank account.

Is there any annual fee ?

Yes after a term of one year you have to pay annual maintenance fee every, i.e approx thirty percent of the cost of software.

What to do if needed any modification or extra module is required ?

Just write to us for the same.

How much it cost for extra module ?

If the module is intended only to your personalized purpose (Means useless for others) only then you are charged, otherwise no need to pay any extra amount.

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